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Why a Script International Competition Film Festival?
The script is the core of any project and any film, movie or series. Our main goal is to enlighten the unique talent of writing and the original skill of storytelling.

The We Script Competition Festival is an International script and authors competition.
It is a unique opportunity to meet, discuss and talk about your script.

This Festival will give you the chance to share your craftsmanship, explain your point of view, unroll your writing process.

Cash Prizes will be assigned to these categories:

Best Short Script
Best Synopsis
Best Pitch
Best Documentary Script
Best Feature Script


  • The film festival has a 0 tolerance policiy to plagiarism.
  • Please include a logline or a 10 lines synopsis.
  • Please include an author biography.
  • Best FEATURE script
    Recommended Min 70 pages, max 200 pages.
  • Best SHORT script
    Recommended Min 1 page, max 40 pages.
    Recommended Min 1 page, max 3 pages.
  • Best PITCH
    Recommended Max 1 paragraph. 1 paragraph is 5 to 10 lines maximum, not 1 page.
    Your document (any entry) must have a cover page with the title of the project and the name of the author / the authors.
    Entries are non refundable.
    The festival may cancel any submission not complying with the rules.

We Script Competition
We Script Competition

Give your script the chance to shine