We Script Competition Official Selection


First NameLast NameCountryProject TitleProject Title (Original Language)Synopsis
MichaelGouldUnited KingdomSACRED SUN
‘Out of horror, belief.’
A horrific animal experiment carried out by the military at a solar energy plant in the southern deserts of North America sets off a series of strange, ominous events.
A mysterious ‘other’ sun appears in rearview mirrors of plant employees’ cars as they drive away. A new star appears in the night sky, next to the Evening Star, and inexplicable data are recorded on energy plant monitors, alongside baffling seizures in machinery.
A Native American chief (and Catholic priest), César, sees visions of a malevolence that will walk the Earth, and is unable to prevent the ‘accidental’ death of his daughter, Solecita.
In the forest, Iris (wife of energy plant manager, Ramón) meets a ghostly Red Indian lover who appears to her through ethereal light.
At the family’s extensive, light filled, forest home, an enigmatic guest, Isaac (whose actions are closely watched by a haunted clock), attempts to seduce Ramón’s and Iris’ daughter, María, in whose innocence the clock and the Red Indian ghost also seem interested.
Those involved in the animal experiment are visited upon in horrific, sun-themed ways as vivid events unfold, both at the family home and at the solar energy plant.
The clock stops time, the mirrors in the house define their own world and the forest fills with silky light. 
A spectacular act of self-sacrifice (or veiled Christian miracle) will result in the salvation of one, and precipitate the physical arrival, fleetingly, of a restored and unvanquished Native god.
Sacred Sun is a symbolic narrative on the subject of America and the rift that sits at the base of her psyche, impasse between Christian belief and Native vision-dream.
Is it coincidence or fate when the only woman he ever loved unexpectedly appears after he ran away fifteen years earlier. A   man  must confront  regrets he has always carried of running away from the only true love of his life.  
ShannaRikerUnited StatesBlood Splattered Pearls
After leaving an abusive relationship, Darla discovers a few skeletons in her Grandma’s closet.
RoryO’ConnorUnited StatesKate’s Ballad
This is a play within a play within a play where two actors grapple with their feelings for one another through the text’s ambiguity.
RobertLenneyUnited StatesNo Address
A group of homeless people bond together as a family, struggling to survive the streets while fending off a harassing gang, an unforgiving community and the local authorities in hopes of finding their humanity again.
TyrelHaightCanadaMoral Trial
An old man is on trail for war crimes, when he shares the truth, it will shock everyone, mostly his accuser.
Hall Monitor
When a nerdy middle schooler assumes the role of hall monitor, he transcends into popularity; but being cool just might be too heavy a mass to balance.
Friendship, Honor, and Murder
Three young boys swear to an oath of friendship and honor; years later, one of them breaks the oath — now someone must die. 
CharlesWilliamsUnited StatesElevator Pitch
A desperate writer must pitch his idea to a big time producer, before reaching the top floor.
MariellaSpagnoloUnited StatesDesperately Seeking Sikh
A self-absorbed American woman, desperate to land the corporate job of her dreams tries to gain an advantage over her competition. She understands the hiring manager is Punjabi and decides to immerse herself in learning the language and culture over a 5-day period. She hires a traditional Punjabi Sikh to live with her and winds up receiving more than just an education.
Gvone WhartonWharton
I’m Coming

A gruff, Australian beef farmer longs to see his children, after his wife leaves him and claims custody over them. He spirals into drunken oblivion, until he meets a young, indigenous bartender, who inspires him pull to his life together. When things in his new relationship go south, he takes his anger out on his ex-wife, attacking her and kidnapping his children. Later, she exacts her revenge, shooting him in the stomach with his 12-gauge shotgun.
TomFraneyUnited StatesFaithful
A movie star takes refuge in a cave when the super volcano erupts. He emerges to a dark apocalypse and continues to seek fame.
Joseph AnthonyFrancisUnited StatesWindy City
WINDY CITY tells the thrilling story of the rival Mancini and Caruso families and their friends living in Chicago.


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